Training with Sign Supplies

Vehicle Wrap Training


This application workshop covers technical and application skills for those that are new to the industry and also for those who have a good understanding of general vinyl application but are looking to extend their knowledge. The course fee is $200+GST and once booked this is NON-REFUNDABLE unless the course does not go ahead.


Our workshops will cover commonly used materials and some specialty items, especially for the vehicle graphic/wrap market. Vehicle graphics and wraps are some of the most challenging and demanding applications and require a specialised skill set to ensure maximum service life. Our course is designed to help you understand all of the variables involved in the application of vehicle graphics and wraps so you can provide your customers with professional and great-looking product.


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Adobe Photoshop Training


The class covers the main tools, shortcuts, fast workflows for signage, colour changing on cars (can be applied to any image), cleaning up backgrounds, removing items from an image, layer masks and more. If you have any specific examples you would like us to work through please let us know prior to the class.


The good news is the course is free. The course is also run online via webinar, so you can let your friends know and they can email us for the link to join.  


The format for the courses is a demonstration of the various features, tools and workflows to help speed up your Photoshop work using examples we have put together, tutorials we've previously done etc. There isn’t a follow along option at this stage so you don’t need a Photoshop on the laptop or computer you use for the webinar. If you have any specific questions or things you would like covered in the course just email us beforehand with what you are after and we’ll do our best to cover that off in the course as well.


We go over the main tools, their advantages/disadvantages, when and how to use them, adjustment layers to adjust lighting/colour, cutting objects out of a background or removing elements from an image to clean it up, extending backgrounds, changing colours, compositing and other key adjustments – for example one customer asked me to clearcut a tractor from a field and make it look like it was on a white seamless background, so I went through the basic steps with them and what we covered would have saved them a significant amount of time from what they were previously doing.


As with anything in Photoshop there are usually about five different ways of doing the same thing and there have been some enhancements to the new CC version that speed things up even further, so we are trying to show everyone the quickest, easiest and most adjustable options we know in an effort to help save you time.


Even after the course if anyone has any questions we’re happy to try and help out where we can, just email or call us with what you are having trouble with.


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Adobe Illustrator Training


Adobe Illustrator has become an increasingly popular piece of software for signwriters to use due to its unlimited design potential and fluid integration with Photoshop.  With more and more art files coming from printers and graphic designers who use Illustrator its a logical step.


Illustrator has many functions that can give your work a professional edge and save you time. The idea of our Adobe Illustrator courses is to introduce you to several key functions which will make your day at work a whole lot easier and impress your clients.  Our course is directly targeted at use for the signage industry so everything we show you is designed to make your life easier. 


A few of the tips and tricks we look at during the course are artboard setups, including bleed and crop marks, an introduction to quick keys and how to use them, using the pen tool, layers, effects, colour control, pathfinders, colour selection and using the text tool for effect.


If you are also wanting a few more handy hints that you have seen on tutorials and not quite sure how to use them, let us know before the course so we can help you while you’re with us!  As with the Photoshop course, this course is a not a follow along so you don't need Illustrator on the computer or laptop you join the course on. 


The course is taken by our Illustrator expert who has put together a range of easy to follow tutorials that he runs through during the course. We are happy to be contacted after the course for any pointers you may need. The course is completely free, so it’s best for you and your team to take advantage now.


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