Product Specials

Heat Transfer Poli-Flex Turbo 500mm

POLI-FLEX® TURBO Guarantee for a secure and long-lasting bond and is only given when following the specified temperature and pressure condition. The soft, elastic transfer film offers a comfortable textile touch and convinces due to high wearing comfort. 

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Poli-Flex Turbo Poli-Flex Turbo

MUTOH Valuejet 1638UR Roll to Roll UV Printer w/ Take Up Roller & Ink Adaptors 1625mm

Mutoh 64" (1625mm) LED-UV roll-to-roll printer. Dual, staggered print heads and two LED-UV curing lamps. CMYK or CMYK+White+Varnish. Comes with take-up unit and high capacity ink adaptors.

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MUTOH Valuejet 1638UR MUTOH Valuejet 1638UR

FUSION Base Cal Combos

FUSION BASE digital media combos available in either permanent black, removable clear or removable grey adhesive all with bubble free application. Matching laminate available in either clear gloss or matte. All products 50m x 1370mm. If you purchase a combo this December, you can get a great deal on the Fusion combo for just $250+GST saving you $42. 


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MUTOH Valuejet 1638UR MUTOH Valuejet 1638UR