1906 Doublesided Clear Foam Tape

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1906 Doublesided Clear Foam Tape

1906 Super High Transparency Permanent Ultra High Bond Tape
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1906 Super High Transparency Permanent Ultra High Bond Tape
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Areas of use:
High clarity phb tapes are ideally suited to sign and glazing applications for permanent bonding and sealing to replace rivets, spot welds, liquid adhesives or other permanent fasteners. virtually invisible bonding to plastics, glass, painted steel, aluminium etc. used for double glazing, back lit signs, refridgeration display units and electrical cabinet windows.


Preparation of surface:

All contact surfaces should be free from dirt, grease, wax, moisture and contaminants such as release agents used on plastics, residual detergents, oil from skin and loose particles from unsealed surfaces. a typical cleaning solvent is 50/50 isopropyl alchohol/ water mixture. remove all residues with a clean, lint-free wiping cloth (ensure wiping in one direction to avoid cross-contamination). all surfaces must be dry before applying the tape.



Primers while not normally required can assist in the initial adhesion and improve long-term bonding on certain substrates. pomona has a range of primers available for most surfaces. primers may be required for: low surface energy plastics (pp,pe), flexible pvc, powder coated/painted substrates and rubber materials (epdm and neoprene). the primer acts as a new layer for the phb tape to adhere while impeding the migration of additives in many materials.


Rough/porous/fibred surfaces:

Surfaces such as concrete, wood and particleboard require sealing with paint or varnish coatings before using the phb tape.


Conditions of use:

For best results apply self-adhesive tapes between 15°C and 25°C in a dry environment. application surfaces must be dry and free from dust and particles. do not apply on surfaces treated or contaminated by anti-adhesives. do not use paint containing additives which could reduce the adhesive properties. avoid contact with surfaces containing plasticizers or other chemical agents not compatible with the tape. in cases of rough or irregular surfaces, it is better to use a tape with a higher quantity of adhesive. care must be taken with reference to removability without residue and working conditions of the self adhesive tape.

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